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We designed the  e2deesser to be extremely easy to use for musicians and audio enthusiasts, along with the versatility, power and reliability that are required by the most demanding mixing and post production engineers.

Requires an iLok 2
OSX / Win, 32/64bits

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Your ultimate De-essing tool

By aiming at simplicity with its two main parameters, by giving access to innovative fine adjustments and precise sound sculpting options, we combined the best visual feedback with the most advanced audio processing  in one beautiful interface : the  e2deesser meets all the demands of the simplest to the most advanced de-essing tasks.

We wanted the  e2deesser to be very simple to use with its two main parameters, and by adding great sounding, unique and innovative fine adjustments, we combined the best visual feedback with the most advanced audio processing  in one great plugin : we designed the  e2deesser to be your ultimate de-essing tool.

Main section

If you only have 10 seconds, you can use the  e2deesser by simply using one of the great presets and the Sensitivity and Amount knobs.

Adjust the Sensitivity to detect more or less sibilants, and then set how much sibilance is reduced with the Amount. It’s that easy!

De-essing has never been so simple and fast: no detection frequency to fine tune, no option to chose from or no lookahead to adjust. The  e2deesser has already been set with the best detection parameters with presets designed to suit any vocal track.

The detection and controls are level-independent, so you don’t have to worry about re-adjusting your settings if your input level changes!

Fine controls

If you have another 10 seconds to adjust you de-essing sound, you can use the Sibilants Fine controls. They give you access to great sounding, easy-to-adjust and unprecedented sonic options.

Auto dynamically adjusts the frequency response of the sibilants. The more Auto, the more it will remove steep frequency peaks and whistles that usually result in unpleasant sounding resonances.

Smooth brings a gentle and natural saturation in order to remove peakiness, high amplitudes, sizzle and cracklings from the sibilants, without harshness.


For advanced users, the Equalizer allows precise adjustment of the sibilant and voiced sound. This unique feature brings ultimate flexibility: you can notch unpleasant resonances in the sibilants, add some Air on the voiced signal only, or gently boost high frequencies to balance mid range heavy sibilants.

Using the Equalizer on the sibilants is like having wide-band, split band and band-pass processing capabilities, simultaneously, in an intuitive, easy-to-adjust, interface.

The  e2deesser Equalizer is a dynamic equalizer, with a completely redesigned, very innovative, simple and intuitive parameter adjustment and curve interaction. It will switch from the voiced EQ to the sibilants EQ depending on the detection Sensitivity. The Amount of the main Section will adjust how much of the EQ is applied to the sibilants.

Time-Frequency display

With the  e2deesser, it has become really easy now to spot where the frequencies to remove are : instantly see which frequency is to be reduced on that fast-passing sibilant, visualize the changes applied by the process in real time while still keeping a few seconds of rollback under the eyes, spot the key frequencies easily with the center frequencies of each filter being displayed on top of the analyzer..

It finally becomes fun to track and fix sibilant issues !


Easily check what’s going on with the monitoring options : you can listen to the voiced signal only to check if no sibilants remains, which ease the tweaking of the sensitivity. Listen to the sibilants only to make sure you’re not catching unwanted things like breaths or noises, bypass the EQ sections on both sibilants and voiced signal..

It has never been easier to be sure that the de-essing process is perfect.

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